General aim of the project: To foster cooperation through enhancing artistic, cultural and professional abilities of youth.

More about it: Balkan LyNKS is a youth Balkan project supported by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) for the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia). The project is run by GAIA and will be implemented in cooperation with CK13 (Serbia), Studies and Development Centre (Albania), Qendra Sociale Murialdo (Albania), Bela Vista (Macedonia).

As partner of GAIA, we want to promote 2 calls related with this project.

Dates: 31.07-14.08.2018

The two-week youth exchange will gather around 40 people from the Balkans (including Bulgaria and Croatia) in Brezovica ski resort. There will be 4 thematic groups – art colony, nature & biodiversity, storytelling and traditional knowledge field trips. We will be looking for participants and facilitators in each group, aiming at least 1 participant from each country. The idea of the gathering is that participants explore Sharr Mountain through different lenses and try to present a picture of the current state and to tell part of a complex and multilayer story.

Participants will have to apply and be between 18–30 years old. We are looking for young artists, environmentalists, storytellers, photographers and videographers, culturologists, ethnologists, etc.
People who are explorers, who show respect and willingness to learn from people and nature. Each group will have to present their creations during BREfest, thus contributing to the regional aspect of the gathering.

Practicalities: Participants will be accommodated in the ski center Brezovica in shared rooms. They will be sharing bathroom facilities. Food is provided, travel costs of participants from Western Balkan 6 will be covered (up to 50 EUR).

  1. Call for volunteers, find in the link below:
  2. Call for facilitator find in the link below