Sport for Integration and Sustainable Development

  • Source of Funding: UNDP
  • Project Timeframe: 2018-2019
  • PriorityRange: Women’seconomic empowerment and integration of youth including sport activities.

The aim of the project is to integrate a young generation through strengthening the opportunities of collaborative networks to promote the area with innovative ideas and their economic empowerment to women through the sports activities and traditions/nature offered by this area for a durable and healthy future

In this project we aim to strengthen the ability of young people and empower women to shape their future through sports activities, help them become active citizens and engage in building their communities. By sporting activities, they can change their behavior structurally by helping them break the vicious circle of poverty, violence and inequality that often keeps them and their families at the margins of society. We aim to achieve a prototype for women by linking them and bringing them together with sport by expanding them and making them capable in other applicable areas. We have seen fit to select two schools in Lezha County to implement our project. Specifically, the high school “Kolin Gjoka”, Lezha and the “Llesh Nik Daka” secondary school in Shen Koll, Lezha.