Not on the streets, Aside Rivers and torrents, not every unit with its own landfill. To a cleaner environment, to a healthier lifestyle

The project is sponsored by Leviz Albania, as a winning project during the 5th open call. Project timeline will be from August 2018 – April 2019.

Below you will find some general Information regarding the project:
Project will take place on three municipalities: Tepelene, Gjirokaster, Dropull.

Project goal: Monitoring and evaluating the services of waste management agencies.
Objectives: Creation of a manual for monitoring the waste management service in three municipalities through citizen’s involvement.
Our project will be focused on activities such as: 
Project presentation with all local actors.
Direct monitoring. Findings and problems that are part of each municipality regarding environmental conditions.
Public hearings with all stakeholders (local government, business premises, NGOs, organizations and the community).
Field activities, Trash clean-ups.
Realization of a study, evaluation of the current situation, and final report publication of the monitoring-evaluation process.

SDC will include on her project young volunteers, local NGOs and also people from civil society