Return Roses for a Sustainable Environment and Tourism

Project Timeframe: 2016
Fields of expertise: Environment and Natural Resources
The aim of the project: The project aims to raise the awareness of young people about environmental challenges and sustainable development, as well as to focus and promote youth activism to preserve the environment.

Description of the methodology:

Through its environmental education, the project aims to raise awareness among new generations regarding environmental protection. Environmental education is a critical issue for ensuring quality of life. Environmental education not only teaches, but also allows students to develop their skills in solving problems. The most important of all is that this way emphasizes the skills in everyday life that students have to use
in their later work and throughout their lives. Encouraging community involvement and social responsibility, students and citizens learn how to create positive change in their community, and in the environment they live in. They have the opportunity to learn but also to be an important voice of Fieri Region for Environmental Protection.

Expected products:

  • Information, awareness, and awareness of pupils and the community on environmental protection.
  • Promotion of environmental education in schools.
  • Promotion of the preservation of nature, and environment in the Municipality Roskovec.

At the end of the project, it is thought that about 100 teacher and student representatives and about 30–50 representatives of the municipality, community, and interest groups will gain knowledge of environmental protection and strategy. Also, this experience will push these young people to be more accountable and more effective in fulfilling their duties toward the environmental protection.