SDC’s role in increasing the community awareness about the environmental issues

Source of Funding: SENiOR-A / Regional Environmental Center Albania (REC)
Project Time frame: 2014
Fields of expertise: Environment-Water and Natural Resources

The project aimed to increase the SDC’s role in promoting the sustainable development strategies of the country and the environmental needs of the community.

The main project objectives were:

  1. to develop strategies for environmental policies and build community awareness about environmental protection and waste management,
  2. to increase participation and inclusion of SDC in the national and international environmental organizations network.

Concerning the objective of building community awareness about environmental SDC targeted the pupils and teachers of elementary school ”Emin Duraku” located in Tirana Albania, and held trainings and open days to build awareness regarding the importance of recycling, waste management, and the role of the young community in these processes.

  • Planning a training session with pupils of elementary school “Emin Duraku” regarding the separation at source and classification of solid waste.
  • Placement of special containers in the school for the separation of paper, plastics, glass, and metal products.

Expected results:

  • Raising the awareness of youth about their role in environmental protection. Increasing the awareness of pupils for the collection of various recyclable materials such as paper, plastics, glass or metal in a community or school will serve as a valuable experience for continuing this waste separation procedure at source not only in their families but also in other schools, making this process a part of school and civic education.
  • A model was created at the elementary school “Emin Duraku” with well-informed and trained students for classifying sources the solid waste for recycling.