Social integration of young people and women in rural areas in the city of Kuçova

Source of Funding: ACSC Albania
Project Timeframe: 2017
Fields of expertise: Social & Humanitarian Services – Youth –Women Rights

The aim of the project: Strengthening the economic and social status of women and youth in rural areas through activities that generate and enhance the household economy.


  • Increasing the cooperation of unemployed rural women and girls and their socio-economic integration;
  • Increase their entrepreneurial, managerial, and professional skills by organizing training to make them more competitive in the labor market;
  • Exchange of experience with the best practices of women in business, and young people for start-up business creating links of economic cooperation and their social integration.
  • Help and train women/girls and young people that will lead to the generation and growth of their family income, increasing their economic and social independence.
  • Strengthening of the Youth Center near the Municipality of Kucove.


  • Enhance professional managerial skills of youth (youth center) and women in Kuçova Municipality.
  • A study was conducted based on an assessment of the current economic and social status of women and young people in rural areas of Kuçove municipality. Publishing and distributing the results in villages.
  • Increase awareness to have more students enroll in existing vocational courses, organized at regional and national levels.
  • Increase the entrepreneurial skills and managerial skills of young women/girls. These skills will lead to more successful management of their businesses and will affect the growth and sustainability of their family income. It will also influence the growth of their integration into society.
  • Encourage and strengthen the cooperation between them, creating business groups and future cooperation societies, and empowering youth centers through ideas for starting up a business and absorbing funds through their participation in various projects.
  • Creating connections and cooperating with local government